Global Partnerships

Australasian Solutions Limited provides true end to end services in sourcing, manufacturing, prototyping and quality control across almost all industry types.

There are a number of ways we can integrate and provide added value to companies looking to create leverage from existing customers. 

Sourcing/Supply Integration

Increase your profits and expand your company’s capabilities by offering your customers a reliable quality assured service of sourcing, manufacturing and quality management without any financial outlay.

Our integrated model allows your company to be a specialist in sourcing products from Asia with our 100% support under your branding and controlled by your company.

We offer a referral based structure for companies who do not wish to manage the enquiry process, which is another great way to create additional revenue streams without outlay or time.

  • 100% end to end support
  • Bluechip buying power
  • Fast one-on-one service
  • Trust and transparency core values
  • Connecting with us is easy

We will discuss your requirements and provide a support platform tailored to your needs.

Start leveraging your business today! It’s free, secure and one of the fastest trending models in business today.